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Traci Lacy

Traci Lacy

Associate Director

Phone: 979-845-3087


7607 Eastmark Dr. Ste 253

Ms. Lacy is the Associate Director of Partnership Services. Her primary responsibility is to provide faculty members and departmental staff support in the development and processing of international academic agreements that document and outline cooperative activity related to student and faculty exchange and the development of research projects. Ms. Lacy oversees the legal, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board review, translation proofing and the administrative processing of international Memorandum Agreement documents. Ms. Lacy is the primary administrator for the Public Partnership & Outreach interactive database that archives Texas A&M University's international activity and is the designated Export Control Officer for PPO.

In addition, she is designated as the University’s Fulbright Scholar Liaison and with the Dean of Faculties’ Office. Cooperatively, they hosts an annual Fulbright Workshop intended to promote, inform and guide faculty as they begin their Fulbright journey. Coinciding with the Fulbright Workshop, Ms. Lacy, with the Fulbright Association, holds an annual reception honoring Fulbright Scholars: Past, Present, and Future. Ms. Lacy also provides administrative support for the International Programs Committee of the Faculty Senate and the International Advisory Board of the Office of the President. 

Ms. Lacy is a member of the QSUnisolution (MoveON) North American Advisory Board. She also presented to a delegation representing 90 countries titled, “Mapping a Global Footprint through the Development of a Comprehensive Database” at the 2015 MoveON Conference held in London, England. She also co-presented a two part workshop titled, “Outcomes-Driven Strategic Planning: New Skills for the International Education Leader” at the 2016 Region III NAFSA Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Prior to joining PPO in January 2013, in 2010 to 2013 she was a Transit Supervisor at Transportation Services. Ms. Lacy graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics in 2006.