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Shelley Harms

Shelley Harms

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 979-845-6066


7607 Eastmark Dr., Ste 253

As a member of the Public Partnership and Outreach administrative support team, Ms. Harms facilitates a wide range of support services for her colleagues and those visiting the office.She is the first point of contact for guests and callers, ensuring their welcome and assessing who may best assist them.In addition, Ms. Harms oversees executive travel arrangements, works with the Academic Affairs Business Services Office to reconcile expenditures, travel, and other business processes, and oversees supplies and inventory.For those seeking to borrow national flags for campus events, or arrange use of the Kyle R. Younts Conference Room on the 8th floor of Rudder Tower for workshops and meetings, Ms. Harms is the primary point of contact.
Ms. Harms assists colleagues who have program liaison responsibilities with logistics and other program functions in addition to supporting office website development and maintenance.Her role as Floor Proctor ensures adherence to emergency and safety regulations.
In June 1992 Ms. Harms started her Texas A&M career.  Ms. Harms has been a member of several undergraduate departments, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, and a number of research centers prior to joining the Public Partnership and Outreach staff.  In many of these organizations, she facilitated administrative support, but in several, she provided program coordination.