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Charles Carlson

Charles Carlson

Program Manager

Phone: 979-862-2761


7607 Eastmark Dr, Ste 253

Dr. Carlson serves as the Program Manager for the Community of Faculty Retirees initiative at Texas A&M University, as well as consulting and assisting with Chancellor Sharp’s expansion of the retiree program to the Texas A&M University System. Dr. Carlson creates and coordinates training sessions offered by PPO continuing education, professional development and leadership initiatives in the area of ethics, philosophy and critical thinking. Dr. Carlson assists the Executive Director, Partnership Effectiveness to contribute to assessment, evaluation and continuous improvement efforts of PPO and Academic Affairs, including designing the assessment for leadership programs. He also coordinates the PPO partnership with the Department of Philosophy to facilitate and grow the Philosophy For Children initiative P4C Texas , which includes being the Director of the Aggie School of Athens summer camps, instructor for train the trainer and other workshops, teaching pre-K philosophy at the Becky Gates Children Center, and as the co-convener of the Glasscock Center’s Critical Childhood Studies working group.
Carlson arrived at Texas A&M in 2006 in order to pursue a PhD in philosophy with Professor John J. McDermott. He served as Professor McDermott’s Research Assistant for five years and with McDermott began the formation of the Community of Faculty Retirees. Dr. Carlson was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Sam Houston State University in 2013 and later joined the faculty in their Department of Psychology and Philosophy. While at SHSU he maintained a half time appointment at A&M as Program Manager for the Community of Faculty Retirees. In 2019 Carlson joined Public Partnership and Outreach on a full time basis in an expanded role.  
A native of Fargo, North Dakota, Carlson earned a B.A. from Augustana University, with majors in philosophy, religious studies, and government and international affairs. He earned a M.A. in philosophy, with an emphasis on the history of philosophy, from the University of Toledo. He then completed a M.S. in Biology from Texas A&M University, with the Rosenthal Lab, and earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Texas A&M University. He has published articles on topics including American pragmatism, philosophy of biology, and philosophy for children.