Recent Events and Programs

February 2018
Lessons from the Heroine: the Early Years of Mississippi Steamboat Navigation
Presented by Kevin Crisman, Professor and Institute of Archeology Fellow in the Department of Anthropology. Introduction provided by Jerry Loving, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of English who provided remarks about Mark Twain, the Mississippi River, and the steamboat era. 
December 2017
Chancellor’s Annual Holiday Luncheon
Featuring a presentation by Charles W. Schwartz, Chairman of the Board of Regents for the Texas A&M University System. This annual event is hosted by Chancellor and Mrs. John Sharp and was held in the Chancellor’s Suite at Kyle Field.
November 2017
Science in the Sierra Madre: Insight on Evolution, Experiences in Mexico
Presented by Gil Rosenthal, Professor of Biology and of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and the co-director of the Centro de Investigaciones Científicas de las Huastecas “Aguazarca”.
September 2017
Architecture that Speaks: S.C.P Vosper and Then Remarkable Building at Texas A&M
In conjunction with the publication of their book by Texas A&M Press, the event featured David G. Woodcock, Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Director Emeritus of the Center for Heritage Conservation.  Nancy T. McCoy, an award-winning preservation architect, and Carolyn Brown, an architectural and fine arts photographer.
Summer Conversation Series (July 2017)
Spoon River Anthology: A Reprise by Acclaim
Introduction by Jerome Loving, editor of Penguin Classics edition of Spoon River Anthology. Readings of select poems by John McDermott, Mary Ann O’Farrell, David Woodcock, Valerie Woodcock, Jerry Loving, Cathy Loving and 5 other pre-selected audience members.
May 2017
5th Annual May Forum
Middle East Meltdown: Causes and Consequences
Presented by Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Executive Professor at the George Bush School of Government and Public Policy.  Event also featured remarks from Karan Watson on her time as Provost.
April 2017
The Acropolis of Athens: The Architectural Construction of Memory
Presented by Nancy Klein, Department of Architecture.
March 2017
Dolphin Communication: There is Much Going on
Presented by Bernd Wursig, University Distinguished Professor of Marine Biology and George P. Mitchell, Chair of Sustainable Fisheries, Texas A&M University Galveston
December 2016
Chancellor’s Annual Holiday Luncheon
Featuring remarks by Andrew P. Morriss, Dean of Texas A&M University School of Law.  Event sponsored by Chancellor and Mrs. Sharp and held at the Reed House. 
November 2016
Ferocity as Government: The Great Royal Despot at Ur Mesopotamia
Presented by Bruce Dickson, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology.
October 2016
Parrots, Pigeons and Penguins: Avian Research at Texas A&M
Presented by Ian Tizard, University Distinguished Professor of Immunology and the Richard Schubot Chair in Exotic Bird Health.  Presentation followed by guided tour of the new Schubot Exotic Birth Health Center
Summer Conversation Series (July 2016)
LGBT Faculty at Texas A&M University: Historical Perspectives
Panelists: Harriette Andreadis, Professor of English and Emeritus at Texas A&M University, Karan Watson, Regents Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University and Larry Hickman, Professor of Philosophy and Emeritus at  Southern Illinois University.  
May 2016
4th Annual Forum
Following remarks from Provost Karan Watson, Professor Tim McLaughlin, Head of the Department of Visualization, presented “Creativity and the On-Demand Generation”
April 2016
Cloning Animals: How, Why and Why Not?
Presented by Dewey Kraemer, Senior Professor, Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology
March 2016
Becoming the Bard: Shakespeare’s Popularity then and Now
Laura Estill, Assistant Professor, Department of English and editor of the World Shakespeare Bibliography presented a lecture followed by guided tours of the “First Folio” exhibit in the J. Wayne Stark Galleries
December 2015
Public Policy Chancellor’s Luncheon
Featuring a presentation and Q&A with Michael Young, Texas A&M University President.  This annual event is hosted by Chancellor and Mrs. John Sharp at the Reed House
November 2015
Picture into Words: Why Moby-Dick is the Great Global Novel
Presented by Dennis Berthold, Professor Emeritus, Department of English
September 2015
Phage Therapy Redux: The Enemy of our Enemy is our Friend
Presented by Ry Young, professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Department of Biology, Director of Center for Phage Technology
Summer Conversation Series (July 2015)
The Early Days: Hispanic and African American Campus Experience
Panelists: William “Bill” Mahomes, Texas A&M University Regents, Albert Broussard, Professor of History, Carlos Gonzalez, Professor of Genetics, Valerie Taylor, Professor of Computer Science and Patricia Pietrantonio, professor of Entomology
May 2015
3rd Annual Forum
Daniel Conway, Professor of Philosophy, presented “Moriah Revisited: Rembrandt on Abraham”
March 2015
The Ultimate Fate of the Universe
Presented by Nick Suntzeff, Mitchell/Munnerlyn/Heep Professor Observational Astronomy
Lecture followed with a guided tour of the new Astronomy facility.
February 2015
Tuberculosis:  Why does this ancient disease remain a global health threat in the 21st century?
Presented by David N. McMurray, Regents Professor, Department of Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology
December 2014
Perils and Possibilities of the Upcoming Legislative Session
Presented by Chancellor John Sharp; Michael Quinn, Vice President for Government Relations; and Tommy Williams, Vice Chancellor for Federal and State Relations.  The presentation was followed by a luncheon at the Reed House hosted by the Chancellor and Mrs. John Sharp
November 2014
Spoon River Anthology: A Reading
Introduction by Jerome Loving, editor of Penguin Classics edition of Spoon River Anthology Readings of select poems by John J. McDermott, Mary Ann O’Farrell, Paul Parris and Linda Parris
October 2014
Kennewick Man
Presented by Smithsonian Institution and Texas A&M University Press. Douglas W. Owsley, Division Head, Physical Anthropology, National Museum of Natural Science, Special presentation “Texas History, Written in Bone” given to CFR members at a private luncheon following the public event
September 2014
Accelerated Sea-Level Rise and the Future of the Texas Coast
John Anderson, the Maurice Ewing Professor of Oceanography at Rice University
Summer Conversation Series (June 2014)
Early Years: Women Faculty of Campus
Panelists: Clarissa T. Kimber, Professor Emerita of Geography; Jane Magill, retired Professor of Plant Pathobiology; Mary Ann O’Farrell, Associate Professor of English
MAY 2014
2nd Annual Community of Faculty Retirees Forum
Featuring a Q&A with Dr. Karan Watson, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Presentation by University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemistry John Fackler entitled: “Understanding Gold: Why Gold, Even in Aggie Rings, Deteriorates with Time”.
APRIL 2014
Borlaug Institute Engagement: Rwandan Hope from Travesty
Elsa A. Murano, Director, The Borlaug Institute Review of programs and initiatives of Texas A&M faculty in Rawanda.
February 2014
How Czech is Dvorak’s Musical Language?
Alan Houtchen, Professor Emeritus of Performance Studies.  An analysis of Dvorak’s work with musical illustrations.
The 50th Anniversary of Inclusion at Texas A&M University
Christine A. Stanley, Vice President & Associate Provost for Diversity
The presentation was followed by a luncheon at the residence of the Chancellor of The Texas A&M University System, hosted by Chancellor and Mrs. John Sharp
Lunch and Conversation with Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill and one of
Texas A&M Press's newest authors
A private lunch for CFR members follow Ms. Sandy’s public lecture “The Power of Words: The Leadership of Winston Churchill”.
Heritage as the Key to the Future: Architecture at Texas A&M University
Presented by David Woodcock, Professor Emeritus of Architecture, and Lilia Y. Gonzales, University Architect.