Recent Events and Programs

2013-2014 Inaugural Year

September 2013

Heritage as the Key to the Future:  Architecture at Texas A&M University

presented by David Woodcock, Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Lilia Y. Gonzales, University Architect

October 2013

Lunch and Conversation with Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill and one of Texas A&M Press's newest authors

A private lunch for CFR members followed Ms. Sandys' public lecture "The Power of Words: The Leadership of Winston Churchill."

December 2013

The 50th Anniversary of Inclusion at Texas A&M University

Christine A. Stanley, Vice President & Associate Provost for Diversity
The presentation was followed by a luncheon at Reed House, the residence of the Chancellor of The Texas A&M University System, hosted by Chancellor & Mrs. John Sharp.

February 2014

How Czech is Dvorak's Musical Language?

Dr. Alan Houtchens, Professor Emeritus of Performance Studies
An analysis of Dvorak's work with musical illustrations.

April 2014

Borlaug Institute Engagement:   Rwandan Hope from Travesty

Elsa A. Murano, Interim Director, The Borlaug Institute
Review of programs and initiatives of Texas A&M faculty in Rwanda.

May 2014

2nd Annual Community of Faculty Retirees Forum

Featuring a Q&A with Dr. Karan Watson, Provost and Executive Vice President
Presentation by University Distinguished Professor Emeritus John Fackler entitled: "Understanding Gold: Even in Aggie Rings, Deteriorates with Time."

Summer 2014 Series

June 2014

Early Years: Women Faculty on Campus

Clarissa T. Kimber, Professor Emerita of Geography
Jane Magill, Retired Professor of Plant Pathobiology & Microbiology
Mary Ann O'Farrell, Associate Professor of English

Fall 2014 Series

September 2014

Accelerated Sea-Level Rise and the Future of the Texas Coast

John Anderson, the Maurice Ewing Professor of Oceanography at Rice University

October 2014

"Kennewick Man"

Presented by Smithsonian Institution and Texas A&M Press
Douglas W. Owsley, Division Head, Physical Anthropology, National Museum of Natural Science
Special presentation "Texas History, Written in Bone" given to CFR members at a private luncheon following the public event.
November 2014

Spoon River Anthology: A Reading

Introduction by Jerome Loving, editor of Penguin Classics edition of Spoon River Anthology
Readings of select poems by John J. McDermott, Mary Ann O'Farrell, Paul Parrish, Linda Parrish

December 2014

Perils and Possibilities of the Upcoming Legislative Session

Presented by Chancellor John Sharp, Vice President for Government Relations Michael O'Quinn, and Vice Chancellor for Federal & State Relations Tommy Williams
The presentation was followed by a luncheon at the Reed House, hosted by Chancellor & Mrs. John Sharp.

Spring 2015 Series

February 2015

Tuberculosis: Why does this ancient disease remain a global health threat in the 21st century?

Presented by David N. McMurray, Regents Professor in the Department of Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology
March 2015

The Ultimate Fate of the Universe

Presented by Nick Suntzeff, Mitchell/Munnerlyn/Heep Professor of Observational Astronomy
Lecture followed with a guided tour of the new astronomy facility.
May 2015

3rd Annual Community of Faculty Retirees Forum

Moriah Revisited: Rembrandt on Abraham
Presented by Daniel Conway, Professor of Philosophy

Summer 2015 Series

Continuation of Community Conversation Series