Undergraduate Convocation

View video recording of Undergrad Convo 2016.

August 28, 2016, 2 p.m., in Reed Arena 

Event Details

Keynote Speaker:  Ambassador Ryan Crocker


What is Undergraduate Convocation?

Undergraduate Convocation is an hour-long ceremony designed to establish an academic connection between new undergraduate students and Texas A&M University. Undergraduate Convocation fulfills this purpose by ceremoniously recognizing each new student for having accepted the offer to join the Texas A&M University Community of Learners and Scholars. The program communicates to students their roles both as people who learn from others and as people who contribute to the vitality of the University. The Convocation also communicates the role of faculty members as scholars, teachers, and fellow members of this community through a keynote address by a selected member of the faculty. The 2016 speaker will be Ambassador Ryan Crocker. Held at Reed Arena, Undergraduate Convocation provides students with an opportunity to gather with their classmates, recognize the size and strength of their class, and join the Texas A&M academic community through a major campus event that parallels the joyous and meaningful commencement ceremony that will mark their graduation only a few years in the future.
Along with formally welcoming students to the beginning of their academic career at Texas A&M University, Undergraduate Convocation will recognize the impact new students make on the community of learners, which includes faculty and staff. With all of the new undergraduates assembled in one place, the students will gain a sense of the size, strength, and identity of their class and provide them with an important connection to one another and to the University. Faculty from each academic department, the University president, vice presidents, and provosts, in full academic regalia, will represent the University’s involvement and commitment to the new members of the Texas A&M Community of Learners and Scholars.

As the University welcomes students at Undergraduate Convocation, it also desires to instill in students the value of their education and the significance of their inclusion in the Texas A&M Community of Learners and Scholars throughout their academic career. Undergraduate Convocation is held in Reed Arena to provide students with the opportunity to begin their college careers in the same, significant, positive manner in which they end their college careers. Graduation also occurs in the same setting and in the same manner as Undergraduate Convocation. Both are significant academic milestones at the beginning and the end of our students’ undergraduate experience.



Families Invited

Families are invited to attend Undergraduate Convocation and celebrate their students’ entry into the Texas A&M University Community of Learners and Scholars. New undergraduates will have the honor of sitting together on the floor and lower risers of Reed Arena to provide a sense of class strength and unity. Seating is available for families and friends in designated sections separate from new student seating but providing a wonderful view of the students and the ceremony. Signs and ushers in Reed Arena will provide directions to new students and their families.