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K-12 Teachers

COVID 19 UPDATE:  Texas A&M University is currently under COVID-19 protocols.  Your Summer Professional development at Texas A&M University may be cancelled or moved online.  Please check with your specific program for more details.

To find a summer camp or enrichment program at Texas A&M University, please fill in at least one search criteria and hit submit.  
PLEASE NOTE:  University organizations are not required to add their programs to this database.  If you are looking for a specific camp, you can also search the internet for that camp.  With that said, programs are also added to the database on a regular basis.  Please check back frequently to see the additions. 

IN ADDITION:  This website provides only broad, general information about camps and enrichment programs found at Texas A&M University.  For more detailed and specific information about a program, please click on the program name to be taken to the website.
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