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Community Relationships

Chamber of Commerce Programs

An agreement between Texas A&M University and Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE) will offer the opportunity to credential, train and develop chamber leaders nationwide. Announced at the Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence (CCCE) 2019 conference in Dallas, the five-year memorandum of agreement links Texas A&M’s land grant resources and reputation for leadership development with emerging Chamber leaders to provide training, conference facilities, online resources and student capstone projects through our faculty and staff.
The agreement names Texas A&M as the title sponsor for the CCCE conference, and the accrediting body for the CCCE record of completion. 
The comprehensive credentialing program will be made available nation wide, supporting Texas A&M’s intensive focus on the national and global challenges of Economic Development and Educating Leaders of the 21st Century.
For more information about these initiatives, please contact Dr. Roger R. Martinez ‘85, rmartinez[at] or 979-845-5249.


Dallas/Fort Worth Collaboration

Texas A&M University has a rich presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: The many staff members in these programs work in communities throughout the metroplex to help educate youth and adult populations, promote fiscal responsibility and sustainability of environments.  Public Partnership and Outreach staff member, Ms. Casey Oliver, is stationed in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and serves as a facilitator to help build and sustain community partnerships in the metroplex.  Partners include such organizations as Alcon, Chase Bank, Lockheed Martin, the Center for Nonprofit Management, the cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth, and the United Way.  Businesses, former student groups, and other regional organizations seeking collaborations with Texas A&M faculty or trying to identify the right department to contact at Texas A&M for speakers or other partnerships may contact Ms. Oliver for assistance at coliver[at]